Call for Submissions!

We are excited to announce echoes, an upcoming project from murmur that will showcase creative reflections from students across all four years at AMS. Submissions can be of any length and may include written and/or visual art components. Below are some suggested prompts to guide your prospective submissions. You may follow the prompts below or create to whatever you feel is meaningful as you embark on this new academic year.

Suggested Prompts:


  • Year 1
    • Describe an event or circumstance that has driven you to a career in medicine.
    • What is your greatest hope for this upcoming year?
    • What is something you hope to learn about your new peers?
  • Year 2
    • Describe a person, hobby, group or other non-academic activity that supported you through your first year of medical school.
    • Describe a memorable or meaningful moment from your doctoring mentor site in this past year.
    • If you’ve done any research or projects over the summer, how did that process feel? What has the experience taught you personally?
  • Year 3
    • Tell us about your first day on your first rotation.
    • Is there anything from your new clinical experiences that has surprised you?
    • How has it felt to transition from mostly book learning to experiential learning?
  • Year 4
    • What drove you to choose your preferred electives?
    • How do you feel about starting your last year of rotations in comparison to how you felt as an incoming first-year student?
    • Are there any ways you learned to, or struggled with, self-care in your clinical years?

Please feel free to utilize any creative medium that you feel will best help you process the beginning of this next chapter in our education. Submissions may also be posted anonymously. We’ll be collecting submissions for echoes up until Monday, September 13th at noon. Please refer to the General Submitting Guidelines below for instructions on how to submit your work.

We hope this gives you the chance to share your thoughts and creativity with us & the rest of the student community!



murmur staff

(Elijah, Anneliese, Rose, Kelvin, Jessica, and Stephanie)

General Submitting Guidelines:

Hey there, wonderful reader! We want your voice to be heard. We’re excited to announce a call for submissions. All narrative, opinion, education, research-focused pieces, and art of all forms, are welcome and encouraged! If you would like your work to be featured on murmur, please take a moment review the following guidelines:

  1. If you’re submitting a written piece, try to keep it around 400-600 words, although there is no strict word limit. If you reference a patient in your piece, make sure you do not include any identifying information (i.e. change his/her name and age, change certain details).
  2. If you’re submitting artwork, do not submit more than 10 pieces in total.
  3. Please include a short Artist’s Statement (max 5 sentences), as well as your full name and class year. This can be submitted as a supplementary PDF cover letter. If selected for publication, we may reach out to you for a more complete Artist’s Statement.
  4. Please attach a featured picture corresponding with your post, or just a picture of yourself.
  5. You may email your submission to with the following subject line: “Submission: [Your Post’s Category]”. For example, if you’re submitting an art piece, the subject line should read “Submission: Art”. Categories include Education, Research, Art, Narratives, and Opinion.
  6. Alternatively, submissions can be uploaded for consideration using this short form.  

We review pieces on the 1st of every month. We ask for your email address in order to coordinate the editing process but provide an option to publish anonymously.

My Life, My Story

Among other submissions, we are especially hoping to publish several of the My Life, My Story narratives that all MS1 students wrote last year. Many students found these stories to be inspiring, and we hope that sharing them with the larger community will help foster and celebrate a patient-centered approach to the work we will do. 

If you choose to share your My Life, My Story interview as a submission, we kindly ask that you fill out this consent form to obtain your interviewee’s permission. Please send the completed consent form to Julia Noguchi before submitting to murmur.

Staff writers!

We are also looking to add staff writers to our team! This will be a low-commitment position—writers will submit 2–3 pieces per semester on any of the categories listed above (content may include personal stories, opinion pieces, interviews with healthcare figures, features that highlight student groups or research, or any other ideas you may have!). We’d love to work with you to contribute towards human-centered conversation within the AMS community and provide a creative outlet for students.

If you’re interested in joining our team as a Staff Writer, please fill out this brief form by Monday, September 13th at noon.

Thanks, and please don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions about submission or in general!