Twisted | Pulse Pressure

Dec 31, 2021

Alisa Pugacheva MD’24


Throughout the last year and a half, it’s often felt as though in order to become a textbook physician, I need to restrict the most natural and comfortable ways that I express myself. When learning how to suture last year, I learned on the right hand despite being left handed because I noticed that it was significantly harder to unlock a needle driver with my left hand and with most of the suturing guides being from right handed sources. I’ve started to practice on the left but it’s been tougher to translate the same motions over, and I worry that this same process of losing a piece of myself could continue as I go through this training process.

Pulse Pressure

I wanted to explore the concept of how the body’s reaction to stress can echo through several different systems including vascular, nervous, and musculoskeletal. The neck is a common location for stress-related pain and so the internal structures of this area are exposed for closer examination of their physical relationship to each other.

Alisa Pugacheva

Brown Medical School - Class of 2024

Alisa Pugacheva is a second-year medical student (MD’24) with an exponentially growing family of plants.