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Jan 1, 2022

Elijah Persad-Paisley MD’24

joy: noun (2) a source or cause of great happiness.
I have now experienced happiness (1)
near its greatest capacity.
23 years is not such a long wait (1997–Aug.)

adore: verb (2) to regard with loving admiration and devotion.
I have now felt
such a profound fondness
for others besides myself.
Nothing has yet rivaled that sensation (Oct–∞).

mortal: adj. (2a) subject to death.
I have now internalized the reality of your and my eventual nothingness.
I no longer feel armed
by my 24 years of youthful superiority (1997–Nov.)

disappoint: verb to fail to meet the expectation or hope of.
I now feel the dissatisfaction that is
the direct result of my own actions.
What is empathy (1) and sorrow (1a, b)
without such an emotion?

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Elijah Persad-Paisley

Brown Medical School - Class of 2024

Elijah Persad-Paisley (MD ’24) is a second-year medical student who appreciates the elusive intersection between art and human emotion.