m u r m u r

“a soft, indistinct sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance” -Oxford Languages

The medical school curriculum demands mastery of an overwhelming amount of scientific minutia. With so much going on throughout our training as medical students, the humanism, creativity, and poetry in medicine often struggle to rise above the level of a distant murmur.

This blog aims to amplify the “murmur” of the Warren Alpert Medical School community, and give space to behold the art and beauty that is to be found in pursuit of the work of healing. We invite you to join us as we slow down—stethoscopes in hand and fingers on a pulse—to listen and feel for the murmur that evinces the artful soul at the center of a healer’s craft.

Current Editorial Board

Lead Content Editors

Anneliese Mair (MD'24)

Anneliese graduated from Brown with a self-designed concentration in Healing Narrative, examining the links between storytelling, meaning-making and restoring wholeness. At and beyond AMS she hopes to pursue patient-centered and narrative approaches to mental health care. Outside of studies she loves photography, nonfiction and poetry writing, collaging and making playlists. She looks forward to being part of a shared space for integrating the humanities into medical training.

Elijah Persad-Paisley (MD'24)

Elijah obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from New York University in 2019. Born and raised in New York City, he spent his time between NYU and Brown working as a private tutor and high school AP Biology instructor. His hobbies include co-running his Thai iced tea business, making music, and listening to podcasts. At AMS, he is involved in a variety of neurosurgery research projects and is interested in exploring health disparities in communities of color. He is excited to help provide medical students with an expressive and creative outlet to share with the greater community.

Creative Content Editors

Kelvin Chang (MD'24)

Kelvin earned his BA in Health & Human Biology from Brown University in 2016. Since then, he has worked in translational pediatric oncology research, and has completed a Master’s in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University learning about different ways narratives of illness and healing are expressed and received. Since obtaining his master’s degree, he has been engaged in medical education research concerning communication and interpersonal skills teaching in US medical schools. Kelvin grew up in Hong Kong and is an avid guitarist, composer, and recording artist in his free time. He is delighted and humbled by the opportunity to bear witness to and curate stories borne from the experiences of students and friends of the AMS community.

Rose Mahoney (MD'24)

Rose is a native Rhode Islander and a graduate of Boston College (class of 2020). While at BC, Rose was an editor of the Medical Humanities Journal, an Undergraduate Research Fellow in the Classics Department, and an amature design and ceramics enthusiast. At AMS she loved the Art in Medicine elective and has designed presentations for the Midwifery department at Women and Infants. She is excited to see, appreciate, and showcase the creative expressions of her fellow AMS students.

Managing Editors

Stephanie Chan (MD'24)

Stephanie is from San Diego, California and graduated from Brown in 2019 with a concentration in Neuroscience. Between college and medical school, she conducted clinical and translational research at the UC San Francisco Skin and Psoriasis Center. At AMS, she is passionate about bringing her research and advocacy interests in skin of color and female empowerment together with medical technology and entrepreneurship in dermatology. In her free time, she enjoys taking high-intensity fitness classes, traveling, flying drones, and soaking up as much sun as she can in PVD. She loves that MURMUR is a platform for AMS students and the broader community to share their creations and passions.

Jessica Yamada (MD'24)

Jessica grew up in the Boston area and graduated from Harvard in 2018 before spending two years working in clinical research at Boston Children’s Hospital. Her hobbies include making bento boxes, hoarding stationery, cross-stitching/crocheting/general grandma-ing, desperately trying to nurse her plant back to life, and discovering the fine line between procrastination and self-care.