November 29
Creative Medicine Lecture Series
“Empowering Health, Creatively”
Pembroke Hall 305
5:30 – 7:00pm

Medicine is said to be an art. But can art be medicine, a health intervention? The short answer is ‘absolutely.’  There is a body of medical literature demonstrating the impact of the arts on individuals and communities. In Rhode Island, a statewide Arts and Health Advisory Group was convened to make evidence-based policy recommendations. This group includes artists, researchers, physicians and policy experts. In this panel, we’ll discuss the story of this fascinating group, including the challenges and discoveries. How artists learned basic research methods and researchers began to look at their work differently. This group represents an innovative approach to understanding and improving the health of our communities in Rhode Island, with artists as essential members of the healthcare team. Speakers include Rachel Balaban, Artists and Scientists as Partners (ASaP); Steven Boudreau, State of Rhode Island Department of Health; Sherilyn Brown, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA); and Stacey Springs, Brown University School of Public Health. Be part of the conversation!