Murmur Info Session 8/14

Introducing MURMUR: Alpert Medical School’s Student Blog
MURMUR is the student blog of the Warren Alpert Medical School intended to capture and showcase the creative output of students across all disciplines. 

We are run 100% for students and by students.


Posts are categorized into Education, Research, Art, Narratives, and Opinion, and traverse all mediums of student expression. MURMUR serves as a venue for students to exhibit their research, advocacy initiatives, narrative essays, final elective projects, artwork, op-ed’s, and more. Take a look at AlpertMurmur.Org.

Our first info session and recruitment event will be held this Monday, 8/14, at 5:30 pm in Room 270. We are seeking to grow our editorial board and our team of contributing writers. If you enjoy writing, podcasting, cartooning, photography, graphic design, editing, or just have an interest in learning about the blog, RSVP here or shoot us an email at!
Dinner will be provided— see you there!

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